Kennel Program

Thanks for checking out our official Kennel Program from Country Vet Pet Foods.  We offer a special pricing arrangement for individuals buying large quanities of our product.  If you have a kennel or boarding facility, if you are a trainer or a large operator you might consider calling to learn more about this program.

This program is exclusive for Kennels, Breeders and Trainers.  All the facts are available through your local dealer.  Country Vet sales people will assist in coordinating the program.

All Country Vet “Original” products packaged in 20#, 40# and 50# units will be part of the program.  Program particapants will receive one (1) free bag with the each purchase of 10 bags of like product.

Kennel/Breeder/Trainer Program:

  1.  Coordinate program with the Country Vet Sales People
  2. Complete an information form
  3. Identify Dealer of Choice
  4. Purchase product from approved dealer and receive one free with the purchase of ten.

The Kennel/Trainer/Breeder Program supports the promotion of events, trials, etc.  Clothing items are also available to program participants.  These programs are available through the Country Vet Sales Professionals.  Program support is based on dollar purchases.  For additional information contact us at 800-383-6927 Ext. 204 and ask for Gary Kubicek.

How to Buy