An Affordable Choice

July 16, 2014 12:15 am

6a019b01b0f8a8970d019b02102caf970b-800wiCountry Vet Choice is our very affordable yet nutritional line of pet foods.  Made in our Safe Feed/Safe Food facility in Sioux City, Iowa, Country Vet Choice offers pet owners high quality at a reasonable price.

Country Vet Choice comes in five formulas for dogs and cats:

Country Vet Choice Active Formula

It’s just what the name implies.  This dog food is for the hard working canine who requires the protein and fat needed to support his or her physical demands.  With 26% protein and 18% fat this formula also meets the needs of gestating and lactating females.

Country Vet Hi Protein Formula

If you have a moderately active dog who does not require the higher fat content to maintain conditioning you should try our Country Vet Hi Protein Formula. With 27% protein and 12% fat, we’ve found it excellent for maturing, large breed dogs, dogs under physical stress or dogs recovering from injury or surgery.

Country Vet Choice Maintenance

If your adult dog isn’t as active as some this formula is an excellent choice.  With 21% protein and 8% fat it’s great for off season feeding or for an older dog who needs to maintain physical condition while preventing weight gain.

Country Vet Sportsmans’s Select

Hunting dogs need a special feed that’s not only packed with high energy but is also easily digestible. Country Vet Sportsman’s Select formula was designed for just that dog. With 24% protein and 20% fat and added Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids, this formula takes sporting dogs to a new level.

Country Vet Choice for Cats & Kittens

We’ve not forgotten about our feline friends.  Country Vet Cat and Kitten formula meets the demands of cat lovers with a high protein, soy free food.  No artificial colors or flavors, our cat and kitten food features poultry liver and tuna flavor. With 30% protein and 11% fat your cat can maintain a healthy weight and a great coat.