Safe Feed Safe Food?

July 16, 2014 12:16 am

6a019b01b0f8a8970d019b020ffbb0970cLong ago Country Vet Pet Foods made the decision to go a step further and enroll in the voluntary Safe Feed/Safe Food Certification Program. Why?  Because we wanted a third-party to review our production facility and certify, for your peace of mind, that the pet foods we manufacture carry the highest standards of safety.

Made in the Midwest, where we take pride in our work, Country Vet Pet Foods (all of our formulas) carry the Safe Feed/Safe Food seal.

To learn more about the certification program just click this link.

Country Vet Pet Foods with a complete line of formulas for your best friend!  Loved by Pets and Trusted by Owners…it’s Country Vet.