What Happened To Dog Fuel?

July 16, 2014 12:24 am

6a019b01b0f8a8970d01a5116ec766970c-800wiWe just returned from Pheasant Fest in Milwaukee and one of the questions we  heard over and over was, “What happened to Dog Fuel?

The simple answer is “We made it better!”

Over the past several years something became very clear to us; while consumers liked Dog Fuel we were being told, “We want something that is natural; something with no corn, wheat or soy.”  We heard that loud and clear and the result is Country Vet Naturals. (Go ahead, click on over and check it out!)

6a019b01b0f8a8970d01a3fcbf10af970b-800wiIf you liked Dog Fuel, you’ll love Country Vet Naturals.  We improved the formula and added something extra, Country Vet Naturals Quick Bite Cookies…so good you’ll think they came direct from Mom’s oven.  All weekend in Milwaukee folks raved about them and so did their dogs!

Country Vet Naturals, proudly made here in the USA and a natural answer to Dog Fuel.