Getting Out There – Siouxland Humane Society

Our goal is to expand our base of support and do some good at the same time. For over a decade we’ve been providing shelter food to the Siouxland Humane Society and now we’ve partnered with them so you can purchase our Country Vet Naturals at the same place you find your new family member. Our all natural formulas for adult, puppy, senior and grain free are on display and available for purchase. In addition we’ve also sent along our Quick Bite Cookie Treats. What better way to start your new family member off than with Country Vet Naturals made right here in Siouxland!

And the added bonus is that you can now get the same food your newly adopted dog has already been eating directly from the Humane Society.

It’s just another way Country Vet Naturals is making our product more available to more and more people not only here at home but in other parts of our trade area. Here is an invite for you to visit our Facebook Page and follow us on Twitter @CVNaturals. We’re here to make a difference and thanks for reading!

Country Vet Naturals – Loved by Pets, Trusted by Owners

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