New Look Coming to Quick Bite Cookie Treats

We know how it is. You go to the store to pick up your favorite item but you can’t find it because the company changed the packaging. We get it…happens all the time.  So, we thought we’d offer you a “heads up” to our new Quick Bite Cookie packaging that, we hope, hits the shelves this spring. While the over all “look” isn’t much different than what we have today there are some important changes:

  • We’ve used the entire area tell you about the product;
  • That means larger type so you can read both the front and the back;
  • We’ve added a “window” (that bright red spot) so you can get a look at what you are buying;
  • On the back of the bag (trust us) we’ve added more graphics and larger type…but we already said that…right?

Inside you’ll find the same goodness that has been a hit with your dog and with you. We also have the Grain Free Quick Bite Cookies in Bacon & Blueberry flavor.

And, we’re not just resting over here, our kitchen is cooking up some new flavors we hope to pop in the oven this year. Stay tuned!

With us it’s all about taste, texture, health and happy dogs.

Country Vet Naturals – Loved by Pets, Trusted by Owners



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