Oh Those Exotics!

Ever wonder what goes into making a high quality dog food? If you’re like most folks…probably not but that’s OK. That’s why we’re here. We’ve been making dog food for decades and that involves a couple of steps long before we start writing down a formula. (Yep, it can get into science too…)Bags Healthy single on line

One of the first things we do is visit with dog owners, breeders and nutrition experts. Our goal is to listen to what you say you want in a high quality dog food and then bounce that against the nutritional reality. True, nobody has ever told us they want a high sugar based product but we do get some interesting requests.  For example, not long ago we were asked why we don’t have a dog food that has buffalo as a primary protein. (We get all kinds of emails.)

When we dug into the request a little deeper our friend had the misconception that buffalo protein was better than other proteins because, well, somebody told him. While it is true that buffalo tends to be higher in protein than, say, chicken we have to be careful in how much protein we feed our best friends. There is a balance between fats and protein that you need to consider.

There is also a price point. Could we make a dog food with exotic proteins? Sure but, when it comes to consumers the other issue is cost. It’s the same with our human diets. While steak is great, eating it every day, twice a day, may not be in our best interest from a health standpoint or cost.

We’re proud that we take the time to create a number of well balanced dog and cat foods in our Country Vet Natural line and we think the pricing is fair and reasonable. At the end of the day what you want is something healthy, well balanced and good for your best friend. That’s what we deliver. Thanks for reading.

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