Every Need. Every Dog.

No matter if your dog is super active, a sportsman, a puppy or just your average pet, we’ve got a formula specially designed to meet his needs. Plus, since we’re committed to providing the best nutrition at an affordable price, you can rest assured each bag is filled with only quality ingredients.

Country Vet Premium

Premium Active Formula for Dogs
Premium Active Formula gives those active, hardworking dogs the fuel they need to perform at the top of their game.
Premium Maintenance for Dogs
Premium Maintenance keeps your active, adult dog on the right track in the off season to maintain a healthy life.
Premium Puppy
Premium Puppy is essential as it provides the vital nutrients critical for growing puppies.


Choice Active Formula for Dogs
Choice Active Formula has the ideal amount of fat and protein to meet the demands of a hard-working canine.
Choice Hi Protein Formula for Dogs
Choice Hi Protein Formula gives mature and large breeds the nutrition they need to recover, without gaining weight.
Choice Maintenance for Dogs
Choice Maintenance is the all-around favorite for an average dog that needs to maintain his or her health.


Joint & Coat Dog Biscuits
Premium Dog Biscuits: Joint & Coat Dog Biscuits
Multi Flavor Dog Biscuits
Premium Dog Biscuits: Multi Flavor Dog Biscuits
BBQ Flavor Dog Biscuits
Premium Dog Biscuits: BBQ Flavor
Peanut Butter Flavor Dog Biscuits
Premium Dog Biscuits: Peanut Butter Flavored
Original Flavor Dog Biscuits
Premium Dog Biscuits: Original Flavor

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