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Country Vet Pet Food announces the perfect Kitten and Adult Cat Formula.  As with all our products, Premium Kitten and Adult Cat food is a balanced choice, high in Omega-6 and Omega 3 fatty acids, naturally preserved with no artificial colors or flavors.  Soy and Wheat Free…this is the optimum choice for cat lovers.

30% Protein – 15% Fat (Click here for a complete list of ingredients.)

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Our Kitten and Adult Choice Formula meets the demands of cat lovers with a high protein soy free product.  No artificial colors or flavors, complete and balanced nutrition.  We feature poultry liver and tuna flavor. Maintain healthy weights and a great coat with Country Vet.

30% Protein – 11% Fat (Click here for a complete list of ingredients.)

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Some folks might think that the word “Cat” and “Rancher” have nothing in common. We know different. We realize you want the very best food for all the animals you care for. Rancher’s Choice is formulated to meet the needs of cats throughout all life stages, and is designed to provide the proper nutrition cats need. Rancher’s Choice for Cats features highly palatable and digestible Poultry by-product meal as the number one source of protein. This formula also meets the nutritional needs of gestation and lactating adult cats.

31.5% Protein – 11% Fat (Click here for a complete list of ingredients.)

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