We Make You Feel Welcome!

One of the most important things about any trade show is to allow the people who are visiting to feel welcome. That’s why here at Pheasant Fest in Sioux Falls, Booth Feb 2018South Dakota (and every trade show we do) the Country Vet Naturals booth design is created to be open with plenty of space for visitors to mingle with our staff, look at our products and engage with each other.

Often you’ll see trade shows where display people set a table up between themselves and the visitor. We’ve never been a fan mostly because we want to interact with the people that come by for a visit.

Speaking of visiting we hope you’ll stop by and say hello. This run of Pheasant Fest rolls from Noon on the 16th of February right on through 4PM on Sunday the 18th. Plenty of time to come by for a visit.

And, as in past years we’ve got some PUPPIES on display. Not to worry, we take great care to water and feed them correctly. And “feeding correctly” is what we’re all about.  Follow us on Facebook and on Twitter @CVNaturals and the hashtag for this weekend is #PheasantFest

Country Vet Naturals – Loved by Pets, Trusted by Owners

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